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Alleycat Scratch Live at The Troubadour | RockstaR CrisiS

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Alleycat Scratch at The Troubadour


by Izzy B. & Katerina from Rockcity News | Circa 1992

Sh*t sandwich? Definitely not, We arrived in time to get settled comfortably in the loft and watch ALLEYCAT SCRATCH. We remained upstairs for the whole set due to the mass crowd downstairs. It was a great view from the window and we were able to see everything from where we were situated. It did not amaze us to see how many people had show up tonight. Ever since Eddie became the singer, the band has been stronger and the number of followers has increased. Seeing Eddie up on stage with the rest of them just seems natural and meant to be. His voice is smooth, not harsh to the ear, and the songes are great. The four of them perform so well together. Devin, guitarist and writer of many of the songs is a big contributor to the versatile sound of Alleycat Scratch.
As quoted by Devin from their RCN interview earlier this year, "We're hard pop punk vampire rock," Robbi and Boa are the men behind the rhythm. While Boa hypnotizes everyone through his bass, Robbi is behind the drums with wild drumming. All of them contribute equally to the success of this band. Four talented musicians to form the prosperity.
The set seemed too short as usual. The show was bright and full of surprises as usual. Classic favorites from the old days were performed, as well as newly written tunes. One good thing about this band is that they don't play too often. They finish a show with the fans wanting more so by the time the next show many weeks later, everyone is very excited and ready for them. That is probably how everyone feels now. Their CD is still available and it's worth getting. Even though they sound better in person.

Members Included:
Tommy Haight - Lead Singer
Devin Lovelace - Lead Guitars & Vocals
Justin Sayne - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Bobby "Boa" Dias - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Mike Joyce - Drums
Robbie Black - Drums
Michael Michelle - Lead Singer
Eddie Robinson - Lead Singer

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