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Elvis Presley Mugshot | RockstaR CrisiS

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Rockstar Mugshot Collection


David Bowie Mugshot | RockstaR CrisiS

Nobody looked better under arrest, however, than David Bowie, manifesting imperious detachment and impeccable style following his 1976 arrest for drug possession. It is almost rivalled by a fantastic Elvis Presley mugshot from 1970, in which the King of Rock ’n’ Roll kept his sunglasses on. (It transpired that Presley was never under arrest; he simply persuaded Denver officers to let him pose.)

Elvis Presley Mugshot | RockstaR CrisiS

Elvis's 'mug-shot' Which is where it all gets a bit confusing. Clearly, for some celebrities, mugshots have a kind of perverse glamour, purveying the kind of street credentials that the most expensive fashion shoot cannot confer. The old black and white pictures are so striking that they have begun to acquire an aesthetic of their own.

Sid Vicious Mugshot | RockstaR CrisiS


During the Sex Pistols' brief, chaotic ascendancy, Vicious met eventual girlfriend and manager Nancy Spungen, and the pair entered a destructive codependent relationship based on drug use. This culminated in Spungen's death from an apparent stab wound while staying in New York City's Hotel Chelsea with Vicious. Under suspicion of having committed Spungen's murder, Vicious was released on bail; he was later arrested again for assaulting Todd Smith, brother of Patti Smith, at a night club, and underwent drug rehabilitation on Rikers Island. In celebration of Vicious' release from prison, his mother hosted a party for him at his girlfriend's residence in Greenwich Village, which was attended notably by the Misfits bassist Jerry Only. Vicious' mother had been supplying him with drugs and paraphernalia since he was young; late that night she assisted him in procuring heroin, and he died in his sleep after overdosing on it. Vicious was arrested by New York police for the October 1978 murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen. Sid's subsequent drug overdose spared him the indignity of a homicide trial.

Mick Jagger Mugshot | RockstaR CrisiS

The Rolling Stones' first brush with the law came when police were tipped off about drug use during a party at guitarist Keith Richards' home. Richards and singer Mick Jagger were arrested, and four months later received very harsh sentences: three months for Jagger and a year for Richards. Two months later on appeal, the sentences were dismissed.

Axl Rose Mugshot

In one of the most famous Axl Rose incidents, the Guns N’ Roses singer dove into a St. Louis crowd in 1992 to take a camera away from an audience member. After a few punches were thrown, Axl threw down the mic and left the venue.
A riot quickly ensued, and Axl Rose was arrested for “property damage and misdemeanor assault / inciting riot.” Luckily for Axl, a judge dropped the charges against him.

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