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Scream Sister Scream Live | RockstaR CrisiS

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Scratching, Screaming, Banging


by Miller's Highlife from Rockcity News | Circa 1992

Scream, Sister, Scream? The females in the crowd took this moniker to heart, and made noise for those glam rockers who look very good on stage but the males in the audience were also making noise. After all, SSS sounds as good as they look! This band looks glam but sounds very heavy with lead guitar action by Randy, rhythm guitar by Bretty Boy, Sabra on bass, and Victor on drums. Perhaps not, Should nearly speed metal riffs and chops exist in a glam band? Yes! SSS’s very heavy metal sound was cranking when lead screamer Torry showed up fashionably late in shades and doing some unusual vocals tonight, You see SSS went on unavoidably late and in the band’s rush to get on stage, some problems developed. The band’s 110% effort didn’t show any signs of a problem except that Torry sang so intensely he developed a throat problem (hope it heals soon!) for Torry, the best part of the show was when fans screamed the lyrics back at the band! Yet, this was not a one-sided benefit, since SSS’s short but intense show featured Randy jumping up to center stage dramatically animated by a strobe light. Torry and Randy really know how to bang their heads as they and their bandmates cranked out the head banging tunes such as “Bye, Bye Suicide,” “Back in Hollywood,” and tunes off their latest recording, “whole Lotta Woman.” Because of the above mentioned late start Torry took a short break to play “who’s got the set list? but soon the band got it all together again for some more traditional sounding HM for such tunes as the ballad “Misty.” In a flash SSS was off stage, but the memory of those hot licks and mighty chops lingered on…

Members Included:
Torry Morgan - Lead Singer
Randy Paris - Lead Guitars & Vocals
Bretty Boy - Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Victor Victoria - Drums
Robin Banks - Drums
Sabra Saber - Bass
Teddy Days - Bass
Sean - Bass

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